Updates to rack-jekyll are coming soon!

Adão Raul’s rack-jekyll gem is a great piece of Rack middleware to serve out Jekyll sites using any Rack compatible app server.

Sadly, rack-jekyll on RubyGems is seriously outdated. Prior to about a week ago, the master branch on GitHub was using Jekyll 0.11, which is few months out of date now.

Fortunately, the pull requests I’ve submitted to update rack-jekyll to Jekyll 0.12 and to update the other gems that rack-jekyll uses have been merged into master. I’ve also been given push access to the repo so that I can make sure the Jekyll support stays up to date as possible.

I’ve also sent an email asking for a new release, and offering to help push it out to RubyGems if Adão so chooses to have me do that. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon and we can get a much needed update to rack-jekyll done!

Update: rack-jekyll 0.4.0 is now out!