ElixirConf 2017, Day Two

This the third in a series of posts describing my experience at ElixirConf 2017. Though it’s not required, you can read the prior posts

Today is day two for me and I attended the Building GraphQL APIs with Absinthe class today.

I really enjoyed this class. I’d only really been learning GraphQL from the client side and only for about six weeks or so before the class.

We built out our basic phoenix skeleton app for the API, worked on getting the GraphQL schema defined, and built out querying and mutations for our API. We also touched on subscriptions right towards the end but I got pretty lost during that part. The best part is that there is a repo, and so I can go back and look things up later.

Thanks to Bruce Williams and Ben Wilson from CargoSense for teaching such a great workshop!

With the training pieces of ElixirConf over, it’s time for the conference proper. See y’all tomorrow!