ElixirConf 2017, Day Zero

This the first in a (hopefully) series of posts describing my experience at ElixirConf 2017.

This is day zero, which is the moniker I’m using for the day before the conference actually starts. For me, this will be a four day conference, since I have the privilege of being able to attend the two training days before the actual conference itself.

Getting to Seattle

A few tidbits I found interesting to start the trip off.

  • This is the first non-local conference I’ll be attending since 2014 when I went to Rocky Mountain Ruby (RMR) in Boulder, CO
  • This is also my first trip west of Dallas since that same trip to RMR. I should get out more!
  • I got a window seat! :tada: This meant I got to see :cloud: and :mount_fuji: on the flight out.

In Seattle

I got to the hotel early, so had them stow my bags somewhere and took a walk around the block until they could get my room ready. I also took the time to grab some lunch while I was at it. I also ended up organizing an impromptu dinner involving a co-worker I hadn’t met before, a Turing alum who I also hadn’t met before, and several other folks in the Elixir community. We took a short walk across the street to Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant. That was a lot of fun!


Tomorrow, I’m attending the OTP Supervision Trees training session, which I am greatly looking forward to.