Redcarpet 2.3.0 now available!

Robin, Vicent ,and I are happy to announce the release of Redcarpet 2.3.0. Since the last release, we’ve made a lot of bug fixes and closed many issues on Github. Big thanks to all the contributors for the numerous pull requests we have merged and for issues reported.

New features

Underline support

We can now pass a new option to the Redcarpet::Markdown object: :underline. It allows you to parse underscored emphasis as underlines. For example, the code

markdown =, :underline => true)

renders the following markdown

This is *italic* and this is _underline_ when enabled


This is italic and this is underline when enabled

Google-code-prettify support

Passing the :prettify option to a renderer adds a prettyprint class to your code blocks in order to make it work with google-code-prettify.

Org-table like syntax support

Redcarpet now supports + (a plus sign) as line intersections instead of pipes. It can be a pain to translate tables from other markup (if you work with org mode for instance):

| Foo      | Bar            |
| A column | A nice content |

Disable indented code blocks

This version ships with a new options that allows you to disable indented code blocks. You just need to pass the :disable_indented_code_blocks to a new Redcarpet::Markdown object and there you go!

Bug fixes

We’ve made several bug fixes and cleaned up some pieces of code. The main ones are:

  • Add a redcarpet_ prefix to some functions to prevent segmentation faults with libraries which share the same function names, such as older versions of ruby-prof.
  • Mark all symbols as hidden to avoid conflicts with other gems (such as houdini)

There are other changes, of course. Please see the changelog for further information.