So I went to the Bay Area...

I’ve recently returned from the Bay Area in California and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down from my trip.

First off, this was my first trip to the Bay Area since 2007. Back then, I was really into Qt and flew in to attend Qt Developer Days.

This time, I flew into SFO, and drove down to Santa Clara where I spent a couple of days in training for work. I didn’t see a whole lot this time either, but the experience felt totally different.

The first thing was the weather. It was about 8pm local time when I finally landed and by the time I got my luggage and actually stepped outside the airport it was almost 9pm. The weather was absolutely fantastic - not too cold ,not too hot and the air was also very crisp. I wish I had weather like that in Dallas.

The drive down from SFO was a bit surreal. I drove past offices for Oracle, Evernote, Motorola, Rambus, and Microsoft on my way down. The hotel was diagonally across from the Citrix offices. I’ve never been in one place where there were so many tech companies around. It was a bit intimidating actually.

The rest of the time, I spent either in an office building or in my hotel. I didn’t take the opportunity to drive around and explore more since I didn’t want to deal with rush hour traffic on the 101 to get anywhere.

Now I need to plan a trip back with the family so I can be a tourist and have a bit more fun. :-)